BERRI is the only online assessment tool covering mental health, emotional wellbeing, relationships, behaviour, risk and attachment.

The BERRI questionnaire is written using everyday language to help carers gain a comprehensive understanding of a child’s:


Emotional Wellbeing

Risk (to self and others)



(of psychiatric or neurodevelopment conditions)

BERRI recommend using their full assessment 4 times a year, which allows us to identify changes and gives us useful, actionable feedback.

Family Care use weekly and daily tracking to monitor any changes of concern and to see whether interventions are effective.

With this feedback we can adapt approaches that are not working and reinforce messages that are supporting positive change in a young person’s behaviour.

Why Use BERRI?

Currently, many children’s social care providers do not use any validated outcome metrics.  How can we know placements and services are effective if we are not measuring outcomes and progress?

BERRI allows us to identify, track and improve children’s outcomes.  With this information, we can compare outcomes from different types of placement or service.

Local authority commissioners and budget holders will know whether they are getting good value for money.  When progress is not being made, they can easily evidence the need for a new placement or service.

Dr Miriam Silver’s developed the tool through focus groups with residential care staff, foster carers, and a variety of other professionals.

For more information about the BERRI clinical evaluation tool, visit the website here.

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