How To Become a Foster Carer and Work UK

It’s possible to become a foster carer and still work in the UK. Many foster carers successfully balance their fostering responsibilities with other work commitments. However, there are some important considerations to make first.

At Family Care, we ask our working foster carers to consider how you will be able to take the young person to/from school and other appointments, as well as attend training.  Providing you can meet these requirements; you can work and still be a foster carer.

Let’s discuss how you can become a foster carer and work in the UK:



Fostering requires flexibility, as you will need to attend meetings, school events, and other activities related to the child’s care. It’s important to have a level of flexibility in your work schedule to accommodate these needs. As a foster carer, your priority will be with the young person/people in your care so being flexible with your time is important.


Support from your employer:

Discuss your intention to become a foster carer with your employer. Some employers offer supportive policies, such as flexible working arrangements, which can help you balance your work and fostering responsibilities. ‘Fostering Friendly’ is The Fostering Network’s programme to encourage employers to support fostering, and in particular, foster carers.

Discover if your employer is listed as a ‘fostering friendly employer’ here.


Gain understanding from your colleagues:

A supportive work environment with understanding colleagues can be beneficial if you foster and work. Informing your colleagues about your role as a foster carer can create a supportive atmosphere. This may also help your colleagues understand when you need to be more flexible with your time, and they may also be able to offer support and words of encouragement if you are experiencing a more difficult time in your role as a foster carer. Building a support network is paramount to our foster carers always feeling supported.


Training and Preparation:

At Family Care, we provide training and support to our foster carers. Participating in relevant training is mandatory and can help you feel more prepared for the challenges and rewards of fostering. Having access to good levels of training will prepare you for your role as a foster carer, and we ask that our foster carers attend regular training. Our training is delivered both in person and virtually to meet the needs of our foster carers. It’s important that our foster carers can commit to attending these sessions, so this should be considered if you want to become a foster carer and work.


Short break foster care:

Some individuals choose to foster on a part-time basis. At Family Care, we refer to this as ‘short break fostering’. Short break fostering is a type of care that usually involves providing support to a young person over a week or during a school holiday. It’s often arranged in-house, which means the foster carers have a good understanding of the young person’s needs and what to expect. Our short break foster carers are approached ahead of time, so they can plan for the young person coming into their home. For those who would like to become a foster carer and work, this could be an ideal way to start their fostering role with Family Care.

Discover the different types of fostering here


It’s important to note that fostering is a significant commitment, and the well-being of the young person is the top priority. If you’re considering becoming a foster carer and continuing to work, it’s advisable to discuss your plans with Family Care to ensure that your situation aligns with our requirements and guidelines.


 Could You Be a Foster Parent?

The shortage of foster carers in the UK greatly affects vulnerable children.

This can result in children being placed far from their loved ones and being separated from their siblings, as well as their school and friends.

Did you know that historically, 70-80% of foster placements have been within 20 miles of the child’s home? While this benefits many children who can maintain their school and friendship groups, it also means that 20-30% of placements are further away.

For children coming to live with our foster families at an average age of 10, a change of school is often inevitable. However, we are dedicated to finding families in local areas with high demand to minimise disruptions.

If you live in the Northwest or the Midlands and are interested in exploring becoming a foster carer, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Read about our application process here.

Get in touch with us by completing our short inquiry form online or call us at 0800 5 677677.

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Start Your Fostering Journey Today


Embarking on the journey of fostering is a significant decision that can profoundly impact your family and the life of a young person in need.

By preparing yourself, choosing the right time and place for conversations, and approaching the topic with openness and honesty, you can foster a supportive and understanding environment.

Addressing concerns, sharing resources, seeking professional guidance when needed, and showing patience and understanding are essential steps in navigating this process together.

Family Care understands the importance of support for foster carers and is committed to providing the necessary assistance throughout this incredible journey.

With our dedicated team by your side, you can begin this fulfilling experience knowing that help and guidance are just a call away.

Together, you can make a positive difference in a child’s life, creating a loving and nurturing home that will leave a lasting impact.


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