How to Tell Your Partner and Family You Want to Foster

Are you thinking about fostering a child? That’s an incredible decision! 

But how do you let your partner and family know about your desire to foster? 

Well, Family Care has got you covered!

In this article, I’ll share some friendly and effective strategies to communicate your intentions with your loved ones.


Prepare yourself


Before approaching your partner and family, it’s helpful to take some time to get yourself ready. 

Reflect on the importance of fostering to you and how it aligns with your family’s values. 

Understanding your own motivations, expectations, and concerns will give you the confidence you need when discussing this topic with your loved ones.


Choose the perfect moment and setting


Finding the right time and place for this conversation is crucial. 

Select a calm and cosy environment where everyone can fully concentrate and participate without any disturbances. 

Additionally, ensure your partner and family members are relaxed and open-minded before initiating the discussion.


Be open and honest


When you share your desire to foster, it’s important to approach your loved ones with openness and honesty. 

Clearly explain why fostering is meaningful to you and how it aligns with your family’s goals. 

Share any personal experiences or stories that have inspired you. 

By being open, you can foster a genuine and positive conversation.


Address any concerns and emotions


It’s natural for your partner and family members to have concerns or doubts about fostering. 

Take the time to listen carefully to their thoughts and emotions and validate their feelings. 

Address any fears or misconceptions they may have by providing accurate information about the foster care system and the support available for foster families. 

Let them know that you understand their concerns and that you are committed to working through them together.


Share resources and information


Share relevant resources and information with your loved ones to alleviate anxieties and uncertainties. 

Provide brochures, websites, or books about fostering that they can explore at their own pace. 

This allows them to educate themselves further and become more familiar with the process, requirements, and potential challenges associated with fostering. 

Sharing resources shows your willingness to support them and make informed decisions together.


Seek professional guidance


Consider seeking professional guidance if your partner or family members still have reservations or concerns. 

A therapist specialising in family dynamics can provide valuable support and facilitate open and productive discussions. 

Their expertise can help address underlying issues, improve communication, and ensure everyone’s concerns are heard and understood. 

Seeking professional guidance demonstrates your commitment to finding the best path forward for your family.


Patience and understanding


Remember, your loved ones may need time to process the idea of fostering. 

Be patient and understanding as they navigate their own thoughts and emotions. 

Avoid pressuring them or expecting immediate agreement. 

Create an environment of trust and respect, allowing everyone to express their feelings and perspectives without judgment. 

Patience and understanding will help nurture a safe and supportive space for everyone involved.


Find common ground


Fostering should be a decision made together, considering the interests and well-being of everyone involved. 

Be open to finding common ground and collaborating on the decision-making process. 

Encourage your partner and family members to share their thoughts on how fostering could impact their lives and discuss potential adjustments or arrangements that can address any concerns. 

By finding common ground, you can build consensus and ensure that everyone’s needs are considered.


Keep the conversation going


After the initial discussion, give everyone some time to reflect and think. 

Schedule follow-up conversations to address any additional questions, thoughts, or concerns that may arise. 

By revisiting the topic, you show your commitment to ongoing communication and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinions throughout the decision-making process. 

Keeping the conversation going promotes a sense of collaboration and allows for a thorough exploration of all perspectives.


Support for new foster parents


Support for foster carers is a crucial part of delivering the best outcomes for a young person. 

At Family Care, we deeply value the well-being of our foster parents and pride ourselves on the support we offer. 

Your supervising social worker will be your main point of contact in the fostering team, assisting with most day-to-day needs. 

However, we understand that there may be times when additional support is needed. 

That’s why we have a dedicated team of therapists and support services professionals who are ready to assist you. 

Whether it’s scheduling a meeting with one of our in-house therapists or reaching out to our administrative support, help is always just a phone call away. 

We are committed to being on hand and providing the support you need throughout your fostering journey.


Start Your Fostering Journey Today


Embarking on the journey of fostering is a significant decision that can profoundly impact your family and the life of a young person in need. 

By preparing yourself, choosing the right time and place for conversations, and approaching the topic with openness and honesty, you can foster a supportive and understanding environment. 

Addressing concerns, sharing resources, seeking professional guidance when needed, and showing patience and understanding are essential steps in navigating this process together. 

Family Care understands the importance of support for foster carers and is committed to providing the necessary assistance throughout this incredible journey. 

With our dedicated team by your side, you can begin this fulfilling experience knowing that help and guidance are just a call away. 

Together, you can make a positive difference in a child’s life, creating a loving and nurturing home that will leave a lasting impact.



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