Taylor at Stamford House

Welcome to Taylor’s case study at Stamford House Residential, where we examine the transformative journey of a young girl who came to Stamford House seeking support.



Taylor came from a background of neglect and exposure to drug abuse.

Whilst living in foster care, Taylor wasn’t attending school and would regularly go missing, often attempting to climb out of windows late at night to get out.

After living in several foster homes, it was decided that she should move to residential care. At this point, Taylor’s behaviours were becoming very risky, and some professionals felt a period in a secure unit would have been a better option.


Stamford Residential Support


At 10 years old, Taylor arrived at Stamford House and immediately began to thrive.

She wasn’t going missing, wasn’t taking drugs, and wasn’t climbing out of windows! Taylor lived at Stamford House until she was 17, when she was supported to move into her own flat. She has since had her first baby and is just about to start driving lessons.

See below a letter Taylor wrote to the Stamford House team in August 2019.

You have taught me so many things, love, compassion, compromise, self worth, self respect, respect for others, to appreciate everything you’ve got, how to work hard, self-discipline and most importantly how to love!

Family Care are so lucky to have you all working for them. You’re all a credit to yourselves, Family Care and your families.

Thank you for everything you have taught me, helped me with, looking after me, supporting me, making me laugh, John with his stupid Jokes lol, and for all the life skills you have taught me. There has been many tears sheaded, laughs, smiles, a few arguments but it has all be worth every minute of it.

You watched me grow from that little girl with hair down her back with a red little bag to becoming a mum for the first time. You all hold a very special place in my heart and always will.

Thank you
Lots of love Taylor xxx

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