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Ensuring foster carers are properly supported means the young people in your care have the best chance of success. We are dedicated to making a real difference to children who need it the most. 

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Finances and rewards

Foster carers deserve to feel valued and appreciated for their hard work.

At Family Care, we’re committed to providing ongoing support and recognition to our carers, because we understand that their dedication and care make a real difference in the lives of young people.

Support for our foster carers

24/7 Phone Support

Anytime of the day or night, you will have support on the end of the phone from a qualified social worker.

Ongoing Training and Supervision

All our carers receive a detailed annual training plan and ongoing professional 1-2-1's.

Foster Carer
Support Groups

Our foster carer reps lead regular support groups in local areas.  These provide tremendous value in supporting fellow foster carers through their journeys.

Support Team

A team of in-house therapists are available to offer support and advice to our foster carers.

What Our Foster Carers Say

Still picture of a foster carer

The important thing for us was the support...I knew I could ring at 5 o'clock tea time, or 3 o'clock in the morning and there was somebody on the end of the phone.



I feel safe, I feel secure.  I feel they know us, and know what we can give to the children out there so I wouldn't do it with anyone else.



Picture of a foster carer smiling at the camera

Everything is supported along the way. You know what you're going to do, what you'll have in place, and they really help you all the way.



Still picture of foster carer on a sofa

Me and Frank kept saying "we'll do it next year, we'll do it next year, we'll do it next year", and then it was like, we've got to do it!



We had thought about it for years but hadn't made that final step.  We decided that was it, made the phone call, and that started everything rolling.

Paul and Julie


They answered all the questions I had.  They were on the ball and gave you a lot of support so that's what pushed us to Family Care.

John and Sam


Nicky and Richard, fostering since 2019

I saw Family Care advertised on Facebook and messaged them straight away. We had a few concerns about my husband’s health which we were upfront about, and this was dealt with very professionally.

Dave arranged to visit us and explained all about the application. It was very clear and concise and we decided straight away that we wanted to proceed. We didn’t consider any other agency as we liked what we saw and Family Care had such a family, nurturing feel.

At Family Care there is an extended team of support – not just our supervising social worker, but family support workers and therapists too. Fostering like any job has its highs and lows. I would be wrong to say it’s all rosy, but the good days far out weight the not so good. I love the fact that I am living my dream and making a difference to the life of a young person. I would highly recommend it. --- There is so much to think about when it comes to fostering, so usually the best starting point is a friendly chat on the phone.

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