What is Parent and Child Fostering?

A parent and child (P&C) foster placement is a specialist type of fostering whereby a parent and their baby come to stay with you when they need additional support.

Most often this will be a mother and baby, although it can be a father and baby and in some cases, mother, father and baby.

This type of fostering is arranged for a specific length of time, usually 12-16 weeks.  There are several different types of parent and child placements depending on the needs of the parent and baby.

Here we provide an overview of what to expect.

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Why do a mother and baby need support?

There are many different reasons why a mother and baby (or parent and child) cannot remain in their own home and require additional support.

It could be due to a lack of experience of safe, appropriate parenting due to their own childhood experiences.  It could be due to concerns about a parent’s ability to safely care for themselves, or it could be that a parent has a learning disability and needs a safe environment to improve their parenting skills.

The truth is there are many reasons a P&C placement could be needed, but the goal of this type of fostering is most often the same – to prepare the parent to safely care for their child independently.

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Types of parent & child foster placements

Pre-birth placements

Helping the parent get ready for the birth of their baby by supporting them to understand their own needs and the needs of their child.

Assessment placements

Completing an assessment report of a parent’s capacity to safely care for their child.  These foster placements usually last 12-weeks.

Parenting support placements

Supporting parents who need help learning basic parenting skills, or who need a safe place to stay with their baby until they can care for themselves.

What is the role of a parent and child foster carer?

Guiding a parent’s journey to independently support their baby is one of the most rewarding types of fostering you can do.

As a parent and child foster carer, you will be supported to:

  • Attend specialist training to develop your P&C fostering skills, so that parents and their babies receive the best care we can offer

  • Provide a safe home environment that supports a parent to develop their parenting skills at a manageable pace
  • Monitor and observe the parenting of the mother (or father) and keep a record log – especially important if providing a parenting assessment

  • Help parents to understand their child’s developmental needs and how these will change over time
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Ready to Find out more?

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Why choose Family Care?

Specialist Training and Support

Be the best foster carer you can be with our specialist training and support, designed to help you improve children’s lives.

Training for foster carers

Career-Level Allowances

Our parent and child foster carers receive allowances between £650 – £850 a week depending on the type of P&C placement provided.  Your first £22,000 of annual fostering earnings are tax-free.

Small and Family-Owned

As a small family-owned fostering agency, we pride ourselves on the close-knit care and support we can give our foster carers.

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Trust and Respect

We see our job as preparing, training and supporting you to become a professional foster carer.  With that comes the trust and respect all foster carers deserve.  We will always be there for you.

What our foster carers say

Still picture of a foster carer

The important thing for us was the support...I knew I could ring at 5 o'clock tea time, or 3 o'clock in the morning and there was somebody on the end of the phone.



I feel safe, I feel secure.  I feel they know us, and know what we can give to the children out there so I wouldn't do it with anyone else.



Picture of a foster carer smiling at the camera

Everything is supported along the way. You know what you're going to do, what you'll have in place, and they really help you all the way.



Still picture of foster carer on a sofa

Me and Frank kept saying "we'll do it next year, we'll do it next year, we'll do it next year", and then it was like, we've got to do it!



We had thought about it for years but hadn't made that final step.  We decided that was it, made the phone call, and that started everything rolling.

Paul and Julie


They answered all the questions I had.  They were on the ball and gave you a lot of support so that's what pushed us to Family Care.

John and Sam


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