Training for Foster Carers

Learn about the fostering training Family Care offer.

“They had everything covered from the expertise and resources to the training we needed to help us help the children we would be looking after”
Amanda & Stephen, Foster Carers

Training for foster carers is hugely important.

We believe that fostering requires more than just ‘good enough’ parenting, and foster care courses must reflect that.

We provide a full calendar of foster carer training events focusing on the skills and knowledge you will need to effectively support a young person.  Some of these will be online training courses, and some will be face-to-face.

Our training calendar is issued in November every year, so you can plan ahead and earmark the courses you must attend, as well as those you would like to.

You will also meet with your Supervising Social Worker to work on a Carer Development Plan for the year ahead.

Training Courses for Foster Carers

There are many foster care training courses to help you develop your skills as a foster parent.

Some are mandatory training for foster carers which you must complete, and some are optional.  We also recommend free online training courses for foster carers in our monthly newsletters and email shots.

Foster carer training course topics include:

  • Advanced safeguarding
  • Secure Base
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Record Keeping
  • Attachment
  • Managing Transitions
  • Communicating with Children & Young People
  • De-Escalation Techniques
  • Therapeutic Parenting
  • Teenage Development & Managing Behaviour
  • Self-harm

Sometimes additional training is required for foster carers depending on the needs of a young person.  If needed, we will provide specific training to ensure the needs of a child or young person are met.

We take feedback on our training courses and regularly add new ones onto the calendar.  If you know of a training event that we are not covering, let us know and we’ll look into it.

Attending training is part of your commitment to delivering the best outcomes for the young people you look after

Foster Carer Development

Fostering can be challenging at times, and carers must be equipped with the necessary tools to manage challenges that arise.

Training for foster carers is important for this reason, but also for the growth and development of foster parents themselves.

Each family will have a personal development plan which charts your development throughout your fostering journey.

We also offer our foster carers the option of completing a Level 3 Diploma in the Children’s and Young People’s Workforce, fully funded by Family Care.

Completing the Level 3 Diploma can also increase your fostering allowances, providing you have completed mandatory training.

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