Support for Foster Carers

Support for foster carers is a vital part of successful fostering, and we take it seriously.

“Foster carers and children are well supported by enthusiastic support workers and have easy access to therapeutic support” Ofsted.

We know support for foster carers is a crucial part of delivering the best outcomes for a young person.

We really pride ourselves on the support we give our foster carers.  For most day-to-day needs, your supervising social worker will be your main point of contact in the fostering team.  But there will also be times when you need support from one of our therapists, or from our support services team.

The main areas of foster carer support we offer at Family Care are detailed below.

Our support includes:

24/7 Phone Support

You will have 24/7 access to a member of staff for any emergencies.

Whatever the situation or issue, all our foster carers know they have support on the end of the phone when they need it.

These measures are in place to support you and the young person in your care.

Supervising Social Worker

Your supervising social worker (SSW) is your main point of contact in the fostering team. 

Every family is allocated with a fully qualified supervising social worker to provide direct support and supervision.  Your SSW visits you regularly and it is unusual not to have phone contact with them during the week, even if it’s just to say hello. 

SSW’s will accompany you to professional meetings, complete annual reviews and advocate for your best interests.  Their role is to support and guide you on your fostering journey.

Foster Care Support Workers

Children’s activities, sessional work and consultations are all organised by our support services team, who work with birth children as well as children in foster care. 

Led by a support services manager with 2 regional support workers, the team organise 15-20 activities a year including a PGL summer residential trip.  Activities usually take place during school holidays and we normally go away for the whole day.

In-House Therapists

You’ll receive support directly from our in-house therapists.  They will be focussing on the specific needs of your young person and how they can best support you to meet those needs. 

Our logic is that the child will benefit more from the foster family providing ongoing therapeutic care, as opposed to having one 1-hour therapy session every 2-weeks with a therapist. 


We provide an extensive training programme covering a range of topics relevant to the fostering role.  Many of these training sessions are delivered by our in-house therapists who you’ll be familiar with on a first-name basis. 

You also have the option of completing a level 3 Diploma in the Children’s and Young People’s Workforce which is fully funded.

Foster Support Groups

Foster carer support groups (we call them pods) are held regularly throughout the year and we strongly encourage attendance.  Many of our experienced foster carers attend these groups and testify to the value they have provided over the years.

Foster Carer Reps

Our foster carer reps are regionally based and never far away.  If you’d like more than a chat on the phone, they will often get out for some coffee and cake.

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