Support for Transferring Foster Carers

Foster carers should be treated as professionals and valued for the amazing work they do. Read about the support you can expect at Family Care.

Support for Transferring Fosters Carers

As an existing foster carer, you will know how important the support your agency provides can be.  

Fostering is tough sometimes and it’s crucial that you feel properly supported, not just for you but for the young person in your care.

At Family Care we have received quite a few applications from transferring foster carers in recent years.  One of the biggest reasons for this is the support we offer.  

We don’t pay lip service to the term ‘supporting foster carers’.  We really do go above and beyond.

For starters, you will benefit from the support all foster carers should receive which includes:

  • Your own allocated Supervising Social Worker (SSW)
  • 24/7 phone support from a qualified social worker
  • A comprehensive training programme including optional Diploma qualifications
  • Generous fostering allowances

In addition to the above, Family Care also offer our foster families:

  • Supervising Social Worker caseloads of 12-14 (maximum 14)
  • In-house support services team organising 15-20 activities a year for our young people (e.g. Alton Towers, X Factor Live)
  • Qualified in-house therapists working with foster carers directly
  • Secure Base therapeutic practice model
  • Mileage support for attending training and support groups (25p a mile)
  • Annual leave payments (Up to 2 weeks a year pro-rata)
  • Annual action adventure weekend (residential trip) for children aged 11-17
  • Monthly foster carer support groups
  • Family-owned service that will go above and beyond for our young people

How we work

As a family-owned service, we are a tight-knit, friendly and approachable bunch of people.  We treat all our foster carers as professionals, and we expect that professionalism to be shown in return.

You will be working closely with our qualified in-house therapists to ensure you have the tools to meet the needs of your young person.  

Our in-house therapists, supervising social workers and support workers will join you in what we call ‘TAC’ meetings – the Team Around the Child.  Family Care foster carers are absolutely central to this.

The feedback you give will help our therapists suggest ways of working geared towards the best outcomes for your young people.  

Our in-house therapists help train the staff too, so everyone is working to the same standards.  We believe that children recovering from trauma need more than a 1-hour session with a therapist every week.  By having all our foster carers and staff working therapeutically with young people, we are providing 24/7 therapeutically informed care.

Secure Base is our model of practice, a therapeutic framework designed specifically for fostering.  You will get full training and guidance to adopt this model and before long it will become second nature to you.

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We really do care passionately about our foster carers. By ensuring you are properly supported, we know this gives the children in your care the best chance of success.

Get in touch with us today for a friendly chat and see if Family Care is the right fit for you.