Why Family Care

Join a team that is healing pasts and building futures.

Family Care is a family-owned organisation with children at the heart of everything we do.

We are not a huge profit-making venture capital asset as many others in this sector are. We are run by the same family which founded Family Care in 1988.

Our mission is to significantly improve the lives of the children and young people we care for, and we take it seriously.

You will be working with experienced dedicated professionals who you can trust.  You will be fully supported, valued, and recognised in the work you do, and you will receive a competitive fostering allowance.

We follow an established therapeutic practice model which you will receive training on. Our therapy team deliver many of our training sessions.

Through consultations and training events, you will form a professional working relationship with Family Care therapists who bring an abundance of passion, knowledge and innovative thinking to the table.


You will have your own supervising social worker within a fostering team that you’ll be familiar with on a first-name basis, including support workers, administrators and placement officers.  We will support you on every step of your fostering journey.

Our annual training calendar allows you to plan in advance so you can attend the courses you need to, and you will receive travel expenses.  You will have membership with Foster Talk and the Fostering Network for independent professional support in addition to what we offer.

We are an established, trustworthy agency working hard to promote positive outcomes for the children we look after.  

Family Care’s approach to care giving is underpinned by the Secure base model, which is adopted in every relationship we build with carers, staff and young people.

What our carers say

“We have fostered through Family Care for 15 years now. That in itself should say something.

If we were asked to break that down we would say there have been highs and lows. Its not all fun and games with any children we have looked after, they are in care for a reason. If we sit back and look at our history of fostering then there would be far more highs than lows. We think about how a child was when they first came to us and then look at them now. We cant put these feelings into words except “wow, we helped that child achieve in life and become who they are”.

As a Family orientated company we all try and help each other. Whether it be picking up the phone and talking through issues with another foster carer or chatting to a social worker. Someone is always available to talk to.

If you are thinking about fostering I would say pick up the phone and get some information. Talk to other foster carers. Talk to Family Care. Its a decision we have never looked back on.” Julie & Graham, Telford, Fostering with Family Care since 2005

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